Pamela Shaw

Pamela Shaw has 30 years experience in event planning/decorating, marketing, and business development. Her clients ranged from non-profits, to fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear in their beginnings. Her career started with conference and convention sales for Red Line (then Thunderbird-Red Lion). She then specialized in coordinating corporate affairs for Otter Crest Resort. As a founding board member for Interesting Exhibits, she worked as a sales and marketing director and brought in clients such as Louisiana Pacific. After years in corporate sales she transitioned to pro-bono work for a variety of non-profits and humanitarian causes. She organized a silent auction and River Cruise fund raiser for Women Shelters as well as co-chaired the Rose Ball for the Boys and Girls Aid Society. In addition to organizing the event, she helped with procurement and translating the funds into action. Now she is merging her passion for sustainability and equity by helping with ecoREAL's committee work for the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs.

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