LEEDv3 Lecture Series

Our LEED v3 Lecture Series provides 8 hours of Continuing Education materials that double as AP BD+C Specialty Exam Prep. The series is broken down into 5 mini-series each covering 1 of the 5 LEED Rating System Categories. Watch all 8 hours, or pick and choose the videos that parallel with the topics you most need to understand.

Continuing Education Packages

The LEED in the REAL World Webinar series provides a practical approach to LEED with an overview of the 5 main LEED categories with strategies, requirements and case studies. The 8 hours together provide 1 year worth of CE hours for the Credentialling Maintenance Program requirements for LEED Green Associates that can be self-reported to add to your GBCI "My Credentials" to keep your accredidation current. 

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